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In March 2012, the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services launched a challenge competition titled Now Trending: #Health in My Community. This contest challenged entrants to create a web-based application that searched open source Twitter data for health topics and delivered analyses of that data for both a specified geographic area and the national level. This website is a result of that contest. The information available below and throughout the website is a tool intended for health departments and other health entities to use in multiple ways such as serving as an indicator of potential health issues emerging in the population, building a baseline of trend data, engaging the public on trending health topics, or cross-referencing other data sources.

The data and metrics on this site represent data for up to the last two weeks. Full historical data is being maintained but is not publicly available at this time.


261,028 (1%)

6,192,628 (35%)

tweets gathered from Twitter's Streaming API. All of them match at least one of the 234 condition terms currently tracked across 27 conditions.

tweets with a sensor-based location
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tweets with a popular user profile location
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Conditions by Tweet Count

Top 20 Tweet Locations

Top 20 User Locations